All works, including commissioned pieces, gallery purchases, and exhibition sales, as well as all photographs, texts, and materials on the website and social media under the name Jasenko Đorđević (“Seller”), are protected under intellectual property laws. By purchasing a work or visiting the website, the client (“Buyer”) or visitor (“User”) agrees to the following terms regarding intellectual property and copyright:

Ownership of Intellectual Property

  1. Original Creations: All sculptures, artworks, photographs, texts, and materials are original creations by Jasenko Đorđević. The Seller retains full ownership and rights to these works and their images.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights: The Seller retains all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and any other proprietary rights, to the artworks and their photographs, texts, and materials. These rights are protected under international intellectual property laws.
  3. Non-Exclusive License: Upon purchase, the Buyer receives a non-exclusive license to use the purchased work and its photographs for personal, non-commercial purposes. This means the Buyer can display the work and its images in their home or office, but they cannot reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works based on the originals without explicit written permission from the Seller.

Use and Reproduction of Works, Photographs, and Materials

  1. Promotional Use by Seller: The Seller reserves the right to use images of the artworks, their photographs, texts, and materials for promotional, marketing, and portfolio purposes. This includes displaying images on the Seller’s website, social media, and in promotional materials.
  2. Restrictions on Buyer and User: The Buyer or User may not use the purchased work, its photographs, any images of the work, texts, or materials for public or commercial performances, exhibitions, or promotions without prior agreement or explicit permission from the Seller. This restriction applies to all platforms, including the Seller’s website and social media accounts under the name Jasenko Đorđević, ensuring that the integrity and originality of the artwork, images, texts, and materials are maintained.
  3. Media Use: Media outlets wishing to share stories or images related to the Seller’s works must obtain prior agreement or explicit permission from the Seller.

Copyright Notice

  1. Copyright Protection: All artworks, photographs, texts, and materials by Jasenko Đorđević are protected by copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of these works and their images is strictly prohibited and will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. Copyright Markings: Each piece of artwork, photographs, texts, and materials will include a copyright marking, either physically on the artwork, within the digital images, or as a watermark, indicating the Seller’s ownership and rights.

Modifications and Derivative Works

  1. No Alterations: The Buyer or User may not alter, modify, or create derivative works based on the purchased artwork, its photographs, texts, or materials without explicit written permission from the Seller. Any modifications must be approved by the Seller to ensure that the artistic integrity of the work and its images is preserved.
  2. Custom Requests: For custom modifications or derivative works, the Buyer or User must contact the Seller directly to discuss terms and obtain the necessary permissions.

Enforcement of Rights

  1. Legal Action: The Seller reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the artworks, photographs, texts, and materials. This includes seeking damages and injunctions to prevent further infringements.
  2. Reporting Infringements: If the Buyer or User becomes aware of any unauthorized use or infringement of the Seller’s intellectual property rights, they are encouraged to report this to the Seller immediately.

Contact Information

For any questions or requests related to intellectual property and copyright, please contact Jasenko Đorđević at [email protected]


By understanding and respecting these IP rights, you help protect Jasenko Đorđević’s artistic creations. This ensures that he can continue to create and share his unique sculptures and photographs while maintaining control over how his works are used and appreciated.

For more detailed information on IP rights, you can visit the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the U.S. Copyright Office.