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Frequently asked questions

Actually, by accident In the January 2010, my brother sent me some images of an American artist who also made sculptures on pencils, and challenged me to try and make something alike. In a few days, I sent him a finished sculpture to show him that I can make it and I have been making sculptures ever since.

The time in needed to create one sculpture depends on the complexity of the sculpture. On average I need about 5 to 10 hours of work to get the rough shape, and a few days to finish the small details. 

I use all kinds of surgical scalpels and all kinds of needles. The shape of the scalpel that I want to use depends on the detail I want to work on. Sometimes, apart from the said equipment, I use some other tools, pretty much anything that can help me in accomplish my goal. 

No, and I don’t think I will ever try. I get along just fine in small dimensions and I feel safe there. Besides that miniature presents a great challenge to me and that is the reason I’m interested in that kind of art. Miniature as an art is not represented that much, probably because a lot of people don’t want to struggle with small dimensions.

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